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Proemtheus team

Andrei Dora
Proemtheus CEO

Andrei is the core creator of the decentralized email concept and associated services. He assumed the CEO role based on a Bachelor degree in Cybernetics and Economics and also a master in Information Technology Project Management. Founded two companies from which made profitable exists. The first company was a webdesign and development in 2006, in the rather early days of internet development in Romania. Also an early investor in BTC starting in mid 2013.

Paul Dorneanu
CTO | Network & Software Architect

Co-Founder of a company that researches and develops new advanced technology in the fields of quantum bio-physics, free & new energies, medical research. Project Manager & Lead Developer of a proprietary e-learning system, advocate of Open Source, Crowd Sourcing, Privacy, Freedom & Descentralization. Co-Founder of Non-Profit Organizations (Building Romania & Rescue 4×4) and Coordinator of Romanian Waze Community (7 years).

Razvan Matei
Lead QA & Design Architect

Kingston University graduate with a master in graphic design and frontend web development. Decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies enthusiast, QA lead and Design Architect at Proemtheus.

Cosmin Olariu
Chief Software Developer

Cosmin has a Bachelor degree in computer science and a career in software developing for reputed companies. Started as junior programmer and thanks to his skills settled as a Scrum Master & PM. Despite this, he never lost passion for producing his own code. He is the one who will lead the software production from Iasi, Romania (one of the three main IT hubs in the country).

Roxana Enache
Platform Developer

Roxana is our Lead Platform Developer with over 15 years of experience. Coordinated global software development projects and with experience in designing software solutions. She is a strong advocate of decentralization and DAO’s.

Mircea Mazilu
Business & Finance strategist

Mircea has 10+ years’ experience in running multimillion Euro automotive semiconductors projects and with more than 40 state of the art products available now on the market, in automotive applications. He is an expert in project and program management L3 IPMA. Holds a Master of Science in microelectronics and a Executive MBA in general management from the Sheffield University. Also a Certified Business Mediator.

Gabriel N. Dulan
Cryptocurrency Expert

In 1988, Gabriel wrote his first line of code in Basic. Since then, software and hardware were his way of life. His moto is: if you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Gabriel is Founder and General Manager at EndSoft Design, a top web agency with expertise in graphic design, software development and online marketing. Since 2008 EndSoft Design gather customers from all business areas (websites, web portals, online shops, B2B and B2C websites, Specialized custom web based software, dozens of websites in first place for organic Google). Managing a team of 14, his EndSoft Design company offers a complete range of online services. Gabriel has experience in managing complex projects that brought him and his company acknowledgment in this field: Raobooks – ecommerce solution connected with SAP ERP. It using an interesting advance search and books navigation both on desktop and mobile. Synevo – a unique way in the world to make shopping in medical field. The list of successful projects can go on for long. With more than 15 years’ experience on the online market, Gabriel marked many proven success stories from his customer’s business websites. Cryptocurrency invaded his life in 2015 when he started building a mining datacenter worth 6 figures in EUR. The next step was to put together servers and infrastructure for mining like nods, pools and utility software for his miners. And now, the crypto story goes on by joining the Proemtheus project.


Cristian Logofatu

Cristian joined our Board of Advisors from the position of CFO at Bittnet Systems, the first romanian IT company listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Bittnet Systems, the company he cofounded with his brother, is a major player in IT trainings and delivery of end-to-end B2B services and networking solutions from market leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, HP.
Cristian along with his brother control about 64% of one of the most active companies on the stock market that tripled it’s value since IPO. Revenues are estimated to hit 10 million EUR next year after aquarring Gecad Net in a move that positions them as the first complete multicloud company capable of delivering any major cloud solution.
Cristian has 10+ years of experience in dealing with financing sources:
● non-refundable grants
● bank financing products
● equity raising rounds
● listing a company on the stock exchange
● financing via corporate bonds
Specialties: In the area of Finance, Banks and Capital Markets. Also in IT he is specialized in in computer networks.

Sorin Alexe

Sorin is Founder and General Manager at Ivy Grid, a company specialized in energy, green energy and automation of systems. He is also founder and owner of a complementary project that offers decentralized energy storage for companies, based on recycled batteries.. Previous record places him in the IT Department in the banking and telecom industries, on the business side. As an investor in BTC, he tries to extend the decentralized principles to the businesses he runs.